Winner: Southwest District ADDYs Gold!

The Arthur N. Rupe Foundation is a California-based nonprofit that funds debate programs at the high school, college and civic level. Remember when you were in grade school, and how you made fun of all the debate kids for being such DORKS? Well, would you have done the same thing if they rocked graphic tees with chest-thumping mantras? Or had a fresh, new brand like Podius backing them?

More than changing the perception of a brand, our total refresh for the Rupe Foundation changes the perception of an entire artform. Debate is cool, and when schools and citizens want to up their cool factor by getting their debate programs funded, they can now turn to Podius.


The brand development process for what would ultimately become Podius was presented in the form of a bound, hardcover anthology of our research findings, voice and visual explorations and key brand discoveries.  



Just because this site's main function is as a resource for organizations to apply for funding, doesn't mean it can't have some serious bite. 



We created unique brand statements inspired by the many aspects of the foundation, then turned them into the most wearable and sharable pieces of debate club swag you've ever seen.