AS THE FILLER TEXT HERE ONCE SAID, "Aenean eu leo quam."

I'm an advertising guy, an improv/actor guy and a guy who used to have a power rankings of his favorite chicken tender restaurants.

As a freelance writer, I often don’t know where to start when telling people what exactly it is I do for work. So here’s a laundry list of services I provide, just to get our minds wrapped around it:

Good old fashioned copywriting ‐ print ads, radio spots, videos, headlines, taglines
Brand development ‐ working with strategy teams to conceptualize the brand story
Naming ‐ businesses, new products and service offerings, tech platforms, babies  
Long‐form content ‐ articles on a variety of topics, ebooks, actual books
Editing ‐ you write it, I clean and punch it up

I stress ate while figuring out how to make this website.