Convincing people to ride the bus in a car paradise like southern California is no small task. But in Long Beach, the city bus is the most overlooked method of combating transit nightmares like traffic, parking and gas prices that Californians love to hate. The work for LBT is all about simplifying the message for riders with special emphasis on seniors and students.


Replacing the dull overhead cards inside the bus with rules, fare and information placards that riders will actually want to look at.


Senior citizens often shy away from riding public transportation simply because they’re scared to do it. The Connected Seniors Club empowers this group by encouraging them to ride together to overcome challenges. Where most senior-targeted messaging focuses on all the ways they’re slowing down, LBT shows them how to keep moving.

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When I was in school, parents didn’t order Uber to pick up their kids. Times have changed. Each of our student pieces reflects a specific need unique to students and parents of different Long Beach high schools and colleges.


Long Beach is a city of year-round activity and LBT is here to connect people to all of it.

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